Electronic PCb Repair Service Center, Coimbatore

We repair all types of complicated electronic pcb’s , electronic items, motors, sensors, encoders, electronic panels, transformers of any type of industrial machine such as textile, Spinning, weaving, sizing, warping, cement industry machine ,Gold Jewel Industry machine PCB’s,Diamond Industry  machine PCB’s,Hotel Kitchen Imported Equipments,Hospital Medical equipments etc…

Some of the repaired items are listed below : 

  •    KSA/PS let off, PFR 13, PFR 14, DMD drives, Ergotron drives- SULZER weaving machine.
  •    Staubli/FIM dobby pcb’s – weaving machines.
  •    Staubli Knotting machines
  •    Schloforst/Savio/Muratec – Spindle pcb’s, Power supply,Inverters,Encoder,Motor – Spinning Auto cone               winder machines.
  •    Accumulator- LGL, IRO lazer, ROJ, savitec, sulzer – Weaving machine.
  •    SC520,SC530,SC600,SC590, PWME 110 x 8/16 Soprel drive – SOMET THEMA 11 machine
  •   TH510, TH520, TH530,TH532, TH710, TH720, TH730, THEMA 11E drive and all other PCBS – SOMET   THEMA 11E  Machine
  •   AZI-8-16 Drive, AZ brushless drive, MCU,MCS, EG1, IO1, PCD module, PSS Module, DC motor, Brushless   motor  and all other PCB’s – SOMET Excel/Super Excel weaving machines.
  •    RTC, console, weft selector, VX 035, VX 032, ELSY drive, Berger drive, CSC card, Eutron drive,                             CVS22 Drive ,CVS23  drive,Push button PCB,HIOS PCb,HMLC Pcb, PHC Drive, PFC Drive – VAMATEX            weaving machine.
  •    LOE/BR drive, MBPD drive, SUPD1 , IPS Power supply  Nemic Lamda – Picanol weaving machine.
  •    Jacquard pcbs – Staubli, Bonas – Weaving machine.
  •    Label looms PCB’s ,-DIGI KAST,MP Print,TF3 Print, Power Supply,, West 6100 + Controller- Muller,
  •    Slitting Pcb – Hitech Label Weaving machine
  •    Tsudokomo, Dornier – Loom PCBS
  •    Peyer, loepfe, Uster –  clearer PCB’S.
  •    ROBEX E560 Pcb – JCB Machine
  •    Dialysis Machine Pcb’s , Power supplies – Fresenius AG
  •    Flow Controller PetrolPump Fuel Dispenser Meters
  •    SHIMA SEIKI Knitting Machine PCB’s
  •    Table Turner unit- Jewel Industries
  •   TANAC Cpu Pcb – Transformer Manufacturing  Machine
  •    Hotel Kitchen OVEN Blower PCB’s

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